Sunday, August 31, 2008

Web 2.0 Tools -4 Podcast

Hello All,

This is my first podcast and I want to apologize for not speaking at the proper volume level throughout my podcast. Also, I did not use any video in this podcast but i included some cool pictures. Listening to my voice level is a clear indicator that i have not taken podcast 101..LoL.

It is truly one of the pitfalls that podcasters should avoid. Other pitfalls are speaking too fast or too slow or adding poor audio and video quality to content.

Nonetheless, podcasting is a great way to communicate and it was fun creating this podcast. The only issue that i had which took a "lot of time" was the media format. Moreover, I used Garageband; a tool that comes free with the newer Mac PCs.

Indeed, there are various other tools that can be used to create podcasts but I was not planning on exploring other options. Going forward, I hope that my schedule allows me to experiment more with podcasting. Thanks for listening and reading. Looking forward to yours


HP Bookmite.


edcs855 said...

Your creative is beginning to show with your podcast and using Mac’s Garageband application. Did you use the site to upload your podcast or did you use another site to host your podcast file? What extension type is your podcast file? I found that most sites did not play well with the .mov extension.

H's Blog _CS855 said...

Ed thanks i used Garageband to do the initial recording and Windows movie maker to do the rest. Windows Movie maker creates a WMV file that is easily up loadable on to blogspot. So i used both Mac and Windows. See the following link.

Carol's CS-855 Blog said...

Nice podcast H. You took some time to get that done but it is impressive. Great job!

DrC said...

Wow, Howard, great job! The requirement was to use a phone to record an audio podcast using Gabcast (or a tool of your choice) and you exceeded the requirement beautifully.

You learned a lot more about how to use these tools, and that is great. *grins*