Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Web 2.0 Tools -3rd tool

Web 2.0 tools are becoming more popular as Internet connectivity becomes more available and computing costs fall. Web tools offer some unique features and functionality to enhance computing experiences. Thinkature uses Web 2.0 to allow users to be engaged in real-time collaboration on the web. Figure 1. shows some of the functionalities and feature that users can enjoy as they use Thinkature.

The shared workspace facilitates IM, meeting room, and white boards to name a few. It can be accessed from a web browser from anywhere. The voice chat feature enhances collaboration in real-time. Thinkature is a user friendly tool and it can be used to accomplish many goals. The following link can be used to find out more about this tool:


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Dr C said...

Thanks, Howard! I'll check it out! *grins*