Thursday, July 10, 2008

CS-855 Introduction

1. Introduce yourself

Hi, my name is H and I am currently pursuing my Doctoral Degree in Computer Science - Enterprise Information Systems at Colorado Technical University. I have over 18 years hands on experience in various facets of IT (Wireless LAN, Security, Compliance, Networking Engineering, Implementation, Disaster Recovery, Policies etc,).

2. Identify your area of expertise or interest (real or desired)

With an extensive background in Information Technology, my true passion is in the Wireless Space and IT Security. As a child growing up in the carribean I was always intrigued by RF (Radio Frequency) even though I had no clue about telecommunications. In addition, I had no training in Physics in high school. Nonetheless, I was fortunate to earn my Masters Degree in Telecommunications and it paved the way for me to experience new frontiers in that regard. It is my goals to contribute to the body of knowledge and give back in some way within the telecommunications discipline.

3. Describe your dreams for what will be needed in 10-15 years

My ultimate dream is to pay off my mortgages, LoL. Moreover, relative to my career, I would like to be in a position where I can produce top-notch research, teach and share some of the knowledge that I have amassed during my tenure. In addition, I would like to stay on the cutting edge of Telecommunications and Security.

4. List two cool new technologies that you would like to pioneer

I am mindful of the limitations of RF relative to moisture. Moisture absorbs RF and causes RF signal attenuation and degradation etc, I

would like to be involved with cutting edge research that can resist RF signal absorbed by moisture.

Distance is another signal attenuating problem that plagues RF so repeaters are necessary to regenerate weak signals to make them readable by receivers. It will be very enlightening to be involved in research that would improve the attenuation issues that is prone to RF.




DrC said...

Greetings, Howard! *grins* Thank you for creating your blog!

Please make sure that your posts do not include sensitve information and that you are comfortable with the public viewing your blog.

It is ok to edit your introduction or you can use an alias. *smiles*

Have a great week! *waves*

H's Blog _CS855 said...

Thanks Dr. C. Did not realize that my week two assignment was not on my blog...